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Hello there Chili ~ Lime ~ Garlic lovers.  If you’re not a CLG lover or a Burmese food lover *YET* and just happen to chance upon my site full of Burmese recipes and other “random-food-related-stuff”  hopefully, you’ll find something that will delight your appetite anyway.

I mean, just look at all the choices you have here on this delicious blog.  Maybe some Burmese Pancakes?  Or Burmese Coconut Rice perhaps?  How about a simple Fruity and Nutty Salad or a Cherry tomatoes salad (NO, not Burmese, but trust me, they are good) on a summer day?  A refreshing Strawberry Lassi or if you dare, a Durian Smoothie? :-) And guess what?  You can even Make Your Own Yogurt for your lassi and your fruit salads.  Of course Chili Lime Garlic Sauce for the true and committed lovers of Chili Lime Garlic. And that mouth-watering sauce my friends, will surely couple well with my Pumpkin Curry from Chiang Mai or my Healthy Vietnamese Spring Rolls or my Fried Rice (which by the way, can be made a million different ways with whatever you have in your pantry or fridge).

What can I say?  I love making food and sharing it with anyone that will eat the food I make.  Sharing is Caring, RIGHT?? My love and appreciation for Burmese food and any other food comes from—- well, my parents. Were you expecting someone else?  Like my home economics teacher? Or friends I met through another friend of a friend from Burma?  Nah.. it’s my parents. Also from the love of my home country, Burma, growing up eating it every day and cooking it my entire life as long as I can remember!  Sigh!!

I was born in Burma, raised there until I was around 12, transplanted into the US in 1980 and I’ve been cooking since (mostly because my parents made me).   The truth is this:  Being able to cook is a GIFT that keeps on Giving! I’m thankful to my parents for this gift.  Now I am sharing it with not only my family, but friends and even strangers. I grew up cooking without using any recipes in front of me because I was either watching my parents or they were instructing me on how to cook.

I cook with my eyes, taste buds and instincts. What I wish to create in a dish is in my head when I cook it, not in a cook book.  I’ve also created or developed or tweaked many Burmese (and Thai) recipes over the years without really realizing that’s what I was doing.  Mostly because I like to experiment.

Burmese food has unique flavors, textures and aromas.  Notice that some recipes you find here on my blog, you may not find them anywhere else.

My love of travel has been a winning combination for my love to cook and to eat, and eat often.

I enjoy figuring out how a dish is made or what ingredients might be in it.  It’s even more fun to come home after I’ve traveled to another country and figure out how to make something in my own kitchen.  Oh and umm not every dish comes out perfectly (or close to it) and not everything gets a second chance in my kitchen. However, for me it is the journey.  It is the effort and the time I spend crafting and cooking, even though the dish may not come out so perfectly.  Sometimes some dishes are better enjoyed at a restaurant.

It would be a big giant lie if I said I don’t browse through recipe books.  I do.  It’s just that when it comes to Burmese food there are NOT that many cookbooks out there. There are only a handful of cookbooks written by a native Burmese. If not written by a Burmese person, what contains in those books must come from collecting or gathering information/knowledge from the Burmese people or perhaps ethic people from Burma. My Mother has a Burmese cookbook she received as a gift from 1984.  A co-author on the book is a native Burmese person.  It was nice to see that he not only received credit on the book, presumably, monetary compensation as well.

Well there you have it.  Now you know my story.  For a long time, I used to document fraction of what I cook at home on our other *travel and volunteer* blog www.GotPassport.Org. But thanks to my supportive professor hubby who runs geeky sites like  www.CallingBubba.com and wwww.Bubbaisms.com and a couple of other friends, I decided to take the plunge to start ummm —  a food blog.   Not just any food blog I tell ya.  I make Burmese food. And there’s no turning back now.  I must keep cooking, photographing, writing and sharing.

By the way, I’m also a VitaMix lover.  I had it shipped all the way to Chiang Mai.  I couldn’t live without it.

We split our time between Thailand and the US.  I’m writing this one from Houston, Texas in June.  And it’s pretty darn hot here while I am receiving reports that it’s already monsoon in Chiang Mai.  Eeek!

Oh and while you’re in Chiang Mai, Thailand, do give me a shout.  I love making all kinds of delicious salads and smoothies for anyone willing to ask nicely and has the ability to say  “Thank You!”

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  1. Hi Avril! Just ran across your blog while searching on the internet. I recently moved from Houston, TX to Chiang Mai as well. Thanks for sharing your tips about the city.

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